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Global Inequality

Global inequality: One elephant that is addressed in The Elephant in the Room.

Racism is endemic to global inequality.

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The Good Stuff 

This may be shocking — shocking — news, but I really love words. I love how learning a new word can feel like trying an artisan chocolate truffle for the first time.

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One of the major themes throughout the book, is that of prejudice and misconceptions of people, or things that are different than ourselves.

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The Elephant in the Room

Set on the remote island of Siberut, off the coast of Sumatra, the remains of an unidentified body are found. It takes the detective work of a polyglot set of personalities to untangle the identity, the perpetrator, and the reason for the death. What set out as a vacation for Ella and her long-time companion, becomes a mystery to unravel.

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New memoir!!

This is a story of how to handle dying elders with humor, tenderness and a good dose of reality. Born in 1914 in Paris, Peter Weinert married my mother 50 years later and their home became the world. The ultimate hope of this book is to bring comfort.

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The Legend of Longitude

“What’s the point?” He said, shrugging into his white ermine coat.

He stuck the microphone under the nose of the first unsuspecting wanderer.

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The Role Model I Never Had

An unparalleled effort on the part of the men’s basketball team produces a long arcing 3 point basket by Miles Bridges with 2.7 seconds left in the game: the game-winner as the score was tied before that against the nationally-ranked Team Purdue.

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C’mon in! The water’s fine!

the heARTery is designed for fun and frolicking, but with an underlying deep and abiding sense of purpose.

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