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An Award Winning Female Author & Novelist


Jill Campbell works in several media with an eclectic sense of the unity of the world underlying the diverse uses of image, texture, and emotion. She has worked since she was young and actually began winning prizes in art competitions as early as 17 years old. One of the very interesting facts about her art career is that when she was in Spain during the 1970s she began her international art career with publicity for a rock musical group which toured during the era of Francisco Franco, the fascist dictator who sharply cut out most creativity and art. This became the inspiration for a philosophy of: you need 3 things in life- a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone., and always learn to say Thank you, no matter where you are and what language they are speaking, smiles will say the rest. Read more


The Elephant in the Room

by Jill Campbell-Mason
The Elephant in the Room takes you on a journey from a new perspective--the back of an elephant. Catch a glimpse of yourself mirrored in the native wisdom of a shaman in a remote Medicine Village. See yourself alongside Masir, the son, who blindly obeys the father--Crown Prince Sudman, despot ruler of a kingdom brought to the brink of collapse. Witness an abused lower caste, personified by the wealthy Wayan Tiger leading a struggle for recognition. It's a journey through life in its strange familiarity with galvanizing forces that clash culture with the power to forever change individual lives and international trajectories. For the first time, people will not be able to ignore The Elephant in the Room.
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Jill Campbell-Mason 
Published by Global Publishing Group

New Arrivals

New Orignal Artwork

Dreams of Freedom

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Two arms to this creative HEARTERY: one arm is Art, the heart of the artery carrying all our magical impulses throughout our bodies and spirits. The other arm is writing: be surprised, enchanted, filled with the wonder that is expressed and shared on this site.

Original Series

The series are themed original works for you to enjoy. Inspiration comes from directly connecting with nature and people. Isn't this always the truth? 

Individual works may be downloaded ($5) or may be purchased in 16"x 20" and will be mailed ($50). Mainly, they are to freely to delight your senses and take you adventuring.

The heARTery is a process of discovering the energy and creativity in your heART and, once absorbed, to have your arteries carry the thoughts, emotions, and visions via your main ARTery, to every niche of your body and spirit. ART (whether you believe you are creative or not-- you are!) is not merely outside of each of us, it is also within.

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