Welcome To Jill's Blog

Gamboling around the Globe
Are you ready for a little adventure? Yes? I thought so.
Traveling is my passion. Be it mentally or physically. I read to visit new lands. I paint to visit my imagination in color. I photograph to
capture a single diamond-drop moment for memory. ​
I have traveled the world for the past 72 years of my life. Come along with me here. You will discover games to play to expand your
horizons: Esteem Architecture. You may read a story that pulls a small section of a twisting medina in Marrakesh, Morocco into your own
personal experience. My story/ blog is designed to introduce you to a world that you can experience via words and visuals.
Morocco is only a single locale in a prism of hundreds. Over time, look for new postings from Indonesia at a grass-roots level. From the
Tarahumara country of Mexico. From a relatively unknown castle on the Rhine. From the slopes of the dangerous volcano Chimborazo in
Ecuador. From the Orinoco Delta, country of the Warao, in Venezuela.
How about sailing with me in a ten-meter yacht race on the Mediterranean? Or schmoozing with Patch Adams at his clinic Gasundheit in
West Virginia where he is building free clinics in the poorest county in the U.S.?
We might jump out of a plane at 12,000 feet into an ecstatic free fall.
Or raft the might Urumbambo that cuts through boulders the size of houses in Peru…