Mother Teresa

In order to honor the memory of Mother Teresa, Jill Campbell has drawn her portrait in the simplest of methods—with a pencil, as she was a simple person with a single salient characteristic of generosity. The only portion of the drawing is her headgear. The uppermost part “Spiritual gifts” is self-explanatory. The next part is “Truth, Love, Beauty” called the highest of human values by Plato (and most other human beings) Mother Teresa LIVES these and therefore the third part of the headgear is Truth Building Love: Can’t we all inspire to that? Sets of 5 x 7 cards with envelopes are available in packs of 5 for $5 or packs of 10 for $10. Individually signed 16 x20 portraits as fine art prints are available for $50. ALL proceeds are donated directly to scholarships at Lansing Community College to further Mother Teresa’s legacy.