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Firebird Book Award: Check it out, I’m flabbergasted as an author to have this book win two awards within 8 months of its debut.

Is flabbergasted a word that anyone under my advanced, wrinkly age of 3/4 of a century knows? If not I could consider feeling over the moon, but that one’s over-used and I’d rather be out in the sun than over the moon.

The Elephant in the Room gives me, yes, me, who wrote every word, new insights into what those controversial subjects are that float nearly invisibly in every room, in everyone’s back attics of their minds.

Social Justice: Don’t we all crave it? How does a lower caste, which has already been banned as a caste legally, find its footing in the social climate of Indonesia? Already they have wealth–but no one outside their Sudra caste will negotiate to buy or sell their merchandise. No one will acknowledge their expertise. And their skin color? Darker than white. How can they be accepted? This is AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

Another one that can be ignored.

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