The Elephant in the Room

DEBUT NOVEL: Release date Summer 2022


Set on the remote island of Siberut, off the coast of Sumatra, the remains of an unidentified body are found. It takes the detective work of a polyglot set of personalities to untangle the identity, the perpetrator, and the reason for the death. What set out as a vacation for Ella and her long-time companion, becomes a mystery to unravel.

This novel gives the reader the chance to ride the back of an elephant and see the world from an entirely fresh viewpoint. You can catch a glimpse of yourself mirrored in the native wisdom of a wizened shaman in the remote Medicine Village. You can witness the father–son clash between Masir, the son who blindly obeys his father Crown Prince Sudman, despot ruler of a kingdom brought to the brink of collapse. You will come face to face with an abused lower caste, personified by the wealthy Wayan Tiger who leads a struggle for recognition. As you journey through this novel, you travel through beauty, tragedy, joy, magic, ugliness, and love—life in a strange setting, but all too familiar. The galvanizing forces that come together reveal how culture has the power to change individual lives as well as international trajectories forever.

The Elephant in the Room is a many layered novel. Read at the level of an exotic adventure tale, it captivates. Read with an eye to systematic racism, it’s an exhilarating battle against oppression. Read at the level of tyranny versus human values, wisdom versus greed, love versus betrayal—every character shines with intensity. The message embodied in the book is carried by an elephant, who shows more compassion and violence than most humans. The book spearheads a campaign for open-minded learning that provokes significant individual and cultural change. Mystery and suspense reel out a triumph of human and nonhuman connection.

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