About Jill Campbell-Mason

Jill Campbell-Mason works in several media with an eclectic sense of the unity of the world underlying the diverse uses of image, texture, and emotion. She has worked since she was young and actually began winning prizes in art competitions as early as 17 years old. One of the very interesting facts about her art career is that when she was in Spain during the 1970s she began her international art career with publicity for a rock musical group which toured during the era of Francisco Franco, the fascist dictator who sharply cut out most creativity and art. This became the inspiration for a philosophy of: you need 3 things in life- a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone., and always learn to say Thank you, no matter where you are and what language they are speaking, smiles will say the rest.

Nature awes, surprises, shocks, delights, replicates. We have an intimate connection with it. Art creates a connection. Creativity as Einstein says “is intelligence having fun.” We all know how nature repeats itself: A cloud looks like a cow, tiny rivulets of water run down the beach creating minuscule chasms in the sand reminiscent of the Grand Canyon, oak in the wind has branches that wave like the arms of a Flamenco dancer. 

​One of the purposes of art is to scrape the dirt from our eyes, to help us see in new ways, to make the unnoticed noteworthy.

In my artwork and photography, I discover and record the common pattern of the universe in unexpected places, surprising us by presenting the familiar in a setting that makes what is ordinary fresh, what is commonplace extraordinary. Visit the online galleries