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Author Jill Campbell

Author's Bio

Jill is a licensed psychologist, former school counselor, and now award-winning author,  received her Bachelor and Masters degrees at Michigan State University.


During her years of counseling, she and a colleague developed and patented the card game, Esteem Architecture, and used the game in counseling sessions. 


Through this game, students were able to develop a greater awareness of themselves, greater respect for others, and thus developed greater self-esteem in themselves. While the game was developed initially for students, adults, families, and couples have found this game to be fun, informative and useful.

Jill has authored several books in her field including LIGHTNING BOLTS TO LIGHT BULBS, a practical hands-on participatory workbook transforming the negative angry impulses we all have into positive actions.

Along with it is a companion book: ANGRRR! validating one's emotions into short vignettes and adages. 


Now Jill creates full-length novels. Her debut novel which won the Silver Book Award from Literary Titan was published by Global Publishing Group and was released in August 2022: The Elephant in the Room.

Her next novel will be released in late 2023 and deals with intercultural relationships and is based on a true incident at the foot of Machu Picchu in Peru.  
She has a manuscript Memoir, and produces limited-edition photographic books,  so-called cocktail-table editions, as well as poetry and short stories.


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